The first day of my training I spent with the front of house team. We exchanged some

information according to service and preparation for it. I had the opportunity to meet the

restaurant manager with whom I managed to discuss and taste some of the amazing wine

selection which they serve. After lunch service I visited Purnell's Bistro where I met the other team.

I managed to discuss the lunch menu and the cocktail list with the manager. In the evening

I had an absolutely amazing 9 course dinner.

The experience to have a dinner in a Michelin star restaurant run by a celebrity chef is unforgettable.

The second day I spent in the kitchen and the main focus was the communication between chefs

and the front of house team members. Glynn, Luke and I had a very helpful discussion about the

service in a busy environment. I took their advice on board and after a conversation with our

head chef Peter Lambie we are on our way to improve significantly the environment in which we


I can describe these two days as very helpful. The skills which I have learnt during my stay there

will definitely help me. Not only I meet new people but I also improved my knowledge of food,

service and wines. I am glad that I was chosen to be part of this training program.