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One of my favourite vegetables is asparagus, I have learnt when cooking this to tie the bunch together and stand it in a pan of water that is already boiling, this will cook the sturdier stems and steam the delicate heads all at the same time.

Well dressed

A salad is not a salad without a dressing, why not try infusing you own oils with some chilli or garlic and rosemary to use as a dressing? A couple of things to remember though, never add vinegar or lemon to delicate leaves before you have infused the oil with it as this will 'cook' the leaves and never season the salad once you have dressed I as the salt and pepper to the first bit of oil it finds, last but not least always toss your salad in bowl to ensure an even coating of dressing.  

Know your spuds

If you want quality potato results you will need to pick the best one for the job, for chips you will need starchy, for mash you want floury and for a gratin you will need a waxy potato. If you are unable to source the exact potato you need, why not go for one of the best all rounder's either the maris piper or the king Edward. One more thing that will determine  the early potato season is that a new potato is only new if you can rub the skin off with your fingers otherwise its just a salad potato.  

Hot pan!

When sealing meat ensure you pan is hot before you add anything else, then add a small amount of oil then seal your protein on all sides ensuring when this goes into the pan you place it away from you to ensure no hot oil is splashing towards you.

Season to taste

Seasoning is a vital part of cooking, seasoning should happen during the marinating process and at the end of the cooking process if needed this will help to tenderise and enhance the flavour.

Al dente

When cooking pasta ensure its under cooked ever so slightly drain this off and finish cooking it in the sauce you will be serving it in, this will boost the flavour and ensure it gets into the pasta.

Waste nothing!

Parmesan rinds can be a great addition when slow cooking a sauce, just add it whole and this will enhance the flavour. Vegetable peel and trim can be used to in soups, stocks and sauces or event as a trivet when roasting.


A micro plane or peeler is a handy tool that can used to zest fruits to use in a marinade or on desserts, grate hard cheese to finish a pasta dish or peel vegetables for a salad.


Marinating is a versatile and indispensable technique. It boosts the flavor of lean cuts of meat and also works wonders with vegetables and fruits. It doesn't require special equipment and involves simple steps to produce unfussy-but delicious-food. Ideally meat should be marinated for a minimum of 12 hours and fish for a minimum of 2 hours.